• stop spam before it reaches your computer & network

    Your email is vital, however it exposes your organization to a variety of serious email-borne threats.

    SpamNab has been stopping spam and viruses since 2014. Blocks Ransomware too. Keep your mailbox clean ...

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How it works

SpamNab is a fully featured mail security solution, which is suited to organizations of any size from small to medium businesses to large service providers, carriers and enterprises.


Stop All Email Threats

Your incoming mails are directed to our global network of spam fighting servers.

We scan your email for spam, phishing attacks, ransomware, macros, malware & viruses. All offending mail is held in secure quarantine on our servers. Clean mail is automatically forwarded to your server for delivery.

SpamNab runs transparently & offers complete email security, with no software to install on your email servers; and no changes on your email clients. Setup takes only a few minutes with any standard SMTP server regardless if located on-premise (in-house) or with your favorite hosting company.

Our hosted service protects against -

  • Ransomware
  • CryptoLocker
  • Spam
  • Computer Viruses
  • Malware
  • Spoofed undeliverable notices
  • Denial of Service Attacks (DoS)
  • Spoofed Emails (not originated from your domain)

Secure Email Communication

Strong encryption ensures that your sensitive email is protected as it travels over the Internet. SpamNab uses the highest levels of Transport Layer Security (TLS) based encryption, including Perfect Forward Security (PFS) to ensure your secure email remains secure as it is handed over to your server.

Why Choose Us

SpamNab has been cleaning emails since 2014. Securing emails is our primary objective. We have deployed the latest technologies in spam protection, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing and encryption to ensure your emails are safe and spam-free.


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